Rome // 2006

Where do I begin to describe style in perhaps the most stylish city in the world? Rome is a fabulous city, and a city of well-dressed, beautiful, sophisticated locals. Everywhere you look is an architectural and artistic masterpiece. I thought with an education in art history that I would be well-prepared for what I would see. It was unlike I ever imagined! The fountains, temples, and ruins are so much more than I ever expected.

Fashion is a huge inspiration to me as an interior designer, and in Rome, it is the best, and most sophisticated I’ve ever seen. It’s everywhere, and I loved it. I seriously saw a woman riding a bike in 5-inch heels.

I often flip through Vogue and GQ, instead of Architectural Digest and Metropolitan Home, tearing out ads that have style, creative composition, color, and beauty. Gucci and Louis Vuitton are two of my favorites for cutting-edge ads. These can serve as inspiration just as well, if not better than a spread in an interior design magazine.

I love photography. When I travel I try to take great pictures, that when I get home, I can make them black and white, alter them a bit, and then use them in my designs. Rome was a great place for this, and I got many great shots all over the city. I also do this with my clients’ photos, to make it a little more personal. Arranging a group of black and white photos of Roman architecture would be beautiful and stylish!

Rome was a great place for inspiration, and what I took away I’ll be able to use in all types of interiors.