Stop tipping the SCALE.

I’ve decided to turn my blog into not only “Global Design Inspiration,” where I write about my travels around the world and different cultures and styles of architecture and interiors that inspire me, but also helpful design tips. I’ll share the strategies that I use on a daily basis to make the magic happen. These elements and principles of design are what every great designer, artist, architect, etc. use to create beauty and harmony. Everyone can learn the basics, and if you take my advice, I can be a little less uncomfortable when I come to your house.

So that being said, let’s start with what I believe to be the most important starting point in an interior, and also the most messed up- SCALE. I see it all the time, and so do you- a small living room with a GIGANTIC, over-stuffed, Tuscan monstrosity of a sofa that is the elephant in the room, and really might as well be one. Or a small modern condo- with the BIGGEST SECTIONAL SOFA YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE. These sofas often leave no room for any other furniture, and I want to set my cocktail somewhere, thanks.

The problem of scale also works the other way, with a huge great room and a tiny seating group floating in the middle- we are underwhelmed.

You: “Tell us how to avoid this Chris!”
Me: “I’m getting there!”

I begin with a layout, and so should you. If there is no existing blueprint, the space is measured and plopped into a CADD program, or on graph paper. Analyzing a space from above lets you sketch some rectangles, play with the dimensions, and you’ll quickly see if you’re going to be able to walk around that cool, contemporary sofa you saw last weekend, and if you can fit your existing coffee table with it. You can also cut out the shapes of furniture from a separate sheet of graph paper and move them around on the plan. Don’t forget to draw in door openings and door swings so you don’t obstruct them. Also be mindful of your traffic flow.

You: “But Chris! My sofa is way too big! Can I make it work?”
Me: “It will work perfectly on Craig’s List! Get rid of it.”

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